Message From Principal's Desk

I am overwhelmed with profound gratitude to God our Father and deep joy fills my heart. A sense of accomplishment and achievement floods my very being. I see the flood lights of Divine mercy, goodness, love and care brightly shining on our college. Enveloped and enraptured by His great grace, we have been able to start the College of Nursing in the year 2003 after the long process of inspections and approval from Government of Andhra Pradesh Dr N.T.R. University of Health sciences, A.P. Nursing council and Indian nursing council New Delhi.

Vijay Marie Hospital and the school of Nursing have a history of 67 years and 43 years of unstinted service. In health care and Nursing Education We are committed to educate the youth, to handle life and death, to take responsibility with commitment, knowledge, dedication and dignity. A "college with an excellence" was a long unrealised dream until 2001. In the year 2001, I was God's inspiration to start the college of Nursing. New shoots of enthusiasm sprung up again. Sr. Romana Fernandez, the provincial, being an excellent academician and administrator together with her council, gave wings to this new venture. The members of the management of Vijay Marie were the pillars of support in all aspects.

The visit of our Superior General Mother Piercarla Mauri and Assistants General in the year 2002 marked a very important mile stone in the construction of the college. It was according to Mother's inspiration and vision that the Capitanio Convent, the provincial house of the Sisters of Charity for over 24 years, was shifted to Kismathpur. In addition to the existing building, a new artistic, impressive and beautiful three storied building of the college was constructed. The edifice of Vijay Marie College of Nursing stands proud and tall on the land, which was once garden of Capitanio Convent. We see in it, the tangible proof of Divine plan. Vijay Marie hospital, the parent institution has taken a giant step of starting the Vijay Marie College of Nursing, keeping mind the demands and importance of quality nursing education. The year 2013 was another important mile stone for Vijay Marie family. After the fulfilment of all the formalities We began the MSc program with all the five specialities A new wing was added to the College building.

May the mighty tree of 'Vijay Marie' and all its branches experience the maternal assistance and blessing of Mary our divine Mother.

Undoubtedly, this garden of Vijay Marie College of Nursing is committed to quality education and formation of students towards spiritual, social, ethical and human values. The plants are nurtured to bring forth flowers, unfolding the petals of nursing profession in all its perfection, to be sent into the world, emanating fragrance of compassionate love, kindness, goodness and commitment. We believe the angels of love, whom we send forth, will shine like stars in the sky, illuminating the darkened world of pain, sickness and struggle.


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