Our Philosophy

Philosophy of the College of Nursing:
  1. The educators of Vijay Marie College of Nursing and the management of the Society of the Sister of Charity, Province of Secunderabad, believe that the education offered in this institution should enable the students to serve the sick with a tender and compassionate heart, following the foot steps of Christ the Redeemer.
  2. We believe in providing nursing education based and built on scientific principles and sound educational theory and practice, in order to prepare professionally qualified nurses, who will be able to give comprehensive nursing care and function as team members in all health care spheres.
  3. The College of Nursing professes the motto "Lighted to Lighten". Being enlightened with Divine inspiration and scientific knowledge, we go forth to lighten the burden of human kind and kindle the flame of love and knowledge and dispel the darkness of ignorance.
  4. We uphold and instill respect for life and the human dignity of a person from conception to death.
  5. We believe in promoting al round development of students with a special emphasis on spiritual, moral, intellectual, cultural, social and psychological aspects needed for a professional nurse, who will uphold high professional standards and will contribute effectively to the nation and the world at large.
  1. To acquire knowledge of theory and principles of nursing and allied subjects which are involved in the delivery of comprehensive nursing practice.
  2. To develop skill in applying scientific principles and knowledge in rendering health services in the hospital and community.
  3. To assess the client's needs, plan, implement and evaluate nursing care given.
  4. To participate as members of the health team in the promotive preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care delivery system of the society.

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